Just-in-time Nodes for Any Kubernetes Cluster

Karpenter simplifies Kubernetes infrastructure with the right nodes at the right time.

Karpenter automatically launches just the right compute resources to handle your cluster's applications. It is designed to let you take full advantage of the cloud with fast and simple compute provisioning for Kubernetes clusters.

Improve application availability

Karpenter responds quickly and automatically to changes in application load, scheduling, and resource requirements, placing new workloads onto a variety of available compute resource capacity.

Lower compute costs

Karpenter lowers cluster compute costs by looking for opportunities to remove under-utilized nodes, replace expensive nodes with cheaper alternatives, and consolidate workloads onto more efficient compute resources.

Minimize operational overhead

Karpenter comes with a set of opinionated defaults in a single, declarative NodePool resource which can easily be customized.

No additional configuration required!

How It Works

Karpenter observes the aggregate resource requests of unscheduled pods and makes decisions to launch and terminate nodes to minimize scheduling latencies and infrastructure cost.

Karpenter is Open Source Software

Karpenter is licensed under the permissive Apache License 2.0. It is designed to work with any Kubernetes cluster running in any environment, including all major cloud providers and on-premises environments.

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