Inspect Karpenter Metrics

Karpenter makes several metrics available in Prometheus format to allow monitoring cluster provisioning status. These metrics are available by default at karpenter.karpenter.svc.cluster.local:8080/metrics configurable via the METRICS_PORT environment variable documented here

Provisioner Metrics


The Provisioner Limits are the limits specified on the provisioner that restrict the quantity of resources provisioned. Labeled by provisioner name and resource type.


The Provisioner Usage is the amount of resources that have been provisioned by a particular provisioner. Labeled by provisioner name and resource type.


The Provisioner Usage Percentage is the percentage of each resource used based on the resources provisioned and the limits that have been configured in the range [0,100]. Labeled by provisioner name and resource type.

Nodes Metrics


Node allocatable are the resources allocatable by nodes.


Node system daemon overhead are the resources reserved for system overhead, the difference between the node’s capacity and allocatable values are reported by the status.


Node total daemon requests are the resource requested by DaemonSet pods bound to nodes.


Node total daemon limits are the resources specified by DaemonSet pod limits.


Node total pod limits are the resources specified by non-DaemonSet pod limits.


Node total pod requests are the resources requested by non-DaemonSet pods bound to nodes.

Pods Metrics


Pod state is the current state of pods. This metric can be used several ways as it is labeled by the pod name, namespace, owner, node, provisioner name, zone, architecture, capacity type, instance type and pod phase.

Cloudprovider Metrics


Duration of cloud provider method calls. Labeled by the controller, method name and provider.

Allocation_controller Metrics


Duration of scheduling process in seconds. Broken down by provisioner and error.

Last modified August 10, 2022 : v0.14.0 release (51a360f7)